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We are a community interest company based in Portstewart. We offer a range of interesting and informative courses on various courses, including Restorative Practices and Social Media.

We specialise in bespoke and accredited courses to fit your needs. Have a look at the courses we offer and get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss a bespoke course for a group.

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You may enjoy the energy of working in a group or you may prefer studying in the calm of your own home; we provide on-site and online opportunities to suit both.

Maybe your group wants to know in-depth how to increase their ability to help the community; maybe you would like a quick dip into a topic before you commit yourself to anything deeper – just look at the scope of opportunities Dalriada Training provides:

  • One-off workshops, run either onsite for groups or online for individuals, in topics such as ‘Child Protection’, ‘Active Citizenship’ and ‘Conflict Management’
  • Fully accredited Open College Network Northern Ireland courses, run either onsite for groups or online for individuals, in topics such as ‘Restorative and Relational Informal Processes’, ‘Social Media’, ‘Awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing’ and ‘Community Development’
  • Bespoke courses to fit individual group needs, in topics such as ‘Bonfires’
  • For a full list of courses, see below.



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Recent Success

Kieva recently left Dalriada School with an A* in A-Level Business Studies amongst other top grades. She is studying Accountancy and is involved in the strategic direction and business planning within Dalriada Training Services C.I.C.

Kieva has been involved in community projects from a young age; first as a recipient followed by peer mentoring and co-designing programmes. It is a natural progression for her to become a Director and help develop stronger communities.

Teaching methods

  • beneficial accreditations available
  • goal oriented learning materials
  • self-directed online courses
  • bespoke and tailored learning
  • interactive group teaching in-person

Our OCNs

You can see a list of the OCNs we offer on the OCN Ambitions website

Interested in an OCN?

If you're interested in apply for an OCN with us, please get in touch with us and we'll help you to get this arranged.

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